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25 October 2016

New date of the competition

Dear swimmers... In past years we’ve hosted You in Poznan during winter season. On this year’s competition You’ll be very welcome in Poznań between 21st and 23rd of April, as previously, on Termy Maltanskie. It means that this time You’ve got 2 months more to prepare yourself and upgrade your skills for International Swimming Cup Poznań 2017. Our swimming competition will be even more prestigous! W’ve decided that International Swimming Cup Poznań 2017 will take place on the olimpic-size pool. Soon we will publish the regulations and set the date for you to sign up. Follow us on Facebook and on our website.
18 February 2016


Hello! To make shifting around Termy Maltańskie easier and to particularize all of domestics, we’ve created for you information folder – GUIDEBOOK :) You will find there set of useful guides about the course of whole event and issues connected to contestants’ verification. You will also learn everything about shuttling buses, guidelines about starting outfits, meals organization during contest and additional attractions intended for participants. We would like to remind you about the necessity to submit in contest office (the building of Termy Maltańskie, 1st floor) appropriate declarations that you can also find in our document (Masters contestants – attachment 1, representatives of Clubs – attachment 2). Please, familiarize with the GUIDEBOOK – we’re seeing each other in a while! :)  
15 February 2016


The list of registration for this year’s contest POZnan International Swimming Cup is closed. Great attention to the event is confirmed by the fact that we’ve got 1036 registered contestants, 441 female and 595 male swimmers. There are going to be almost 5000 starts in total! On the starting line, among notified participants, we will see world-class contestants, including:
  • Katarzyna Baranowska – finalist of Olympic Games in Beijing, triple European Champion from Triest and Helsinki, Polish record-holder;
  • Diana Sokołowska – the youngest participant at Summer Olympic Games 2012 in the team of Poland, 5th at the European Junior Swimming Championships;
  • Jacek Arentewicz – participant in 2015 Junior World Championships in Singapur, medalist of European Games 2015 in Baku, Senior Polish Champion in 200 m breaststroke, Polish junior record-holder in 200 m breaststroke;
  • Michał Chudy – participant in 2015 Junior World Championships in Singapur, 2015 Polish Champion in 100 m individual medley;
  • Kacper Majrchrzak – participant in Olympic Games in London 2012, 2015 World Championships and European Championships finalist, Polish Champion in 200 m freestyle, member of national team of Poland.
We’re waiting for full of emotions, sports contention! :) Exact lists of registered contestants and clubs are available on
25 January 2016

NEW NAME OF THE CONTEST – We’re changing for you!

2016 will be another good time for swimmers. Just as during previous editions of contest, this time also we will experience sport emotions together. This year’s event will be organized under the new name of POZnan International Swimming Cup.
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